This Maine town of 700 people is one of America’s top Labor Day vacation spots, a search website specializing in vacation rentals, has crunched its user data to figure out where people are headed for the upcoming Labor Day weekend — often viewed as the last big travel weekend of the summer. boasts more than 5 million vacation rental listings in more than 100,000 locations, calling itself “the world’s largest vacation rental search engine” and saying it’s got “uniquely comprehensive data on what’s hot” among certain vacationers.

So what’s hot this coming Labor Day weekend?

Well, alongside the trendy San Francisco, California, and the popular resort town of Ocean City, Maryland, is one small Maine town of about 700 people.


Here’s what has to say about the Maine town in its write-up of top Labor Day rental destinations:

“This idyllic New England town on the shores of Lake Hebron is perfect for a family who wants to get in some watersports or do a bit of hiking along the Appalachian Trail. Labor Day in Monson will offer pubs, antiquing, or simply sitting on the dock, enjoying the late summer sun.”

To be clear, deals with a very specific kind of vacation data, which is vacation rental data. For this calculation, the site was looking at its search volume index.

There are legions of vacationers who will stay in hotels during Labor Day weekend instead of rental homes and those vacationers aren’t necessarily considered in this analysis.

But for a Maine town of less than 700 people to compete with a California city of 850,000 people as a vacation destination by any criteria is pretty neat.

Monson, Maine (courtesy of town of Monson)

Monson, Maine (courtesy of town of Monson)