Morse High School shakes up its yearbook with “Uptown Funk” video spoof

Let’s face it, it’s hard to make yearbooks fresh. There are certain rules yearbooks have to play by, right? They have to include grids of students’ faces and pages dedicated to each extracurricular activity, maybe a few more pages for photo collages and faculty, and you’re done. Right?

Not at Morse High School in Bath.

Now, to be clear, spoof music videos of Mark Ronson’s hit song “Uptown Funk” — like Pharrell’s “Happy” before itare pretty popular to make.

But the students behind Morse’s Class of 2015 yearbook didn’t just lip sync and dance around. They rewrote the lyrics to be about their high school, classmates, traditions and favorite teachers — then recorded the parody and made the music video of that.

To really appreciate the level-up, you have to understand that Morse has a 124-and-counting-year-old alumni association, one of the oldest and largest in the country, and hundreds of the school’s alumni converge on Bath every year for a big banquet and graduation-time festivities. These are graduates who have gone on to become very successful people all over the nation, and they still bleed blue and white.

And if you know that context, you can hear a bit of the reverence for the school’s longstanding tradition in what’s ostensibly a pop remix.

That said, this is not the first time in recent memory Morse has attracted some small-screen attention. In 2004, MTV filmed an episode of the television show “Made,” featuring a sophomore at the school who wanted to break out with a role in the school’s longstanding annual talent show, which is referenced in the above music video and known by the shorthand “MoHiBa” — for “Morse High Bazaar.”

Even yearbook videos aren’t completely new at Morse — check out this super hero movie spoof from a previous class: