When it gets chilly at the farm in June? Put the baby goats in pajamas. And watch the video go viral.

The kids at Sunflower Farm in Cumberland are at it again. The farm’s YouTube video of playfully stampeding baby goats almost one year ago exactly went crazy on the Internet, racking up more than 3.8 million views.

Yes, you read that right — 3.8 million.

Earlier this spring, the farm posted a live camera feed to show the world the magic of the birth of baby goats. And now, with the first few days of June bringing unseasonably chilly weather, Sunflower Farm is upping its viral video game.

Baby goats in pajamas. In the seven hours since the viral news/content distributor Storyful posted the video on its Facebook page, it has garnered nearly 619,000 views and has been shared 34,000 times. Click here to watch the goats hop gleefully around in their cozy PJs.

Wrote the folks at Sunflower Farm:

“So maybe we spoil our goat kids a little in the eight weeks before they go to their new homes as pets and future milking goats. But, who doesn’t want to spend a cold rainy day inside in pajamas? Winifred and Monty, who are three-week-old Nigerian Dwarf Goat siblings, think it’s a great idea to stay inside the barn and play. The only thing cuter than goat kids is baby goats in pajamas. Goats have zero interest in letting even one rain drop touch their heads, so these little ones enjoyed their time out, but decided to stay inside the barn. I’m pretty sure they both actually shook their head, ‘no’ when they looked outside at the rain! Stay warm, everyone! Summer is coming!”

The Sunflower Farm goats aren’t the first Maine goats to take the Internet by storm. Back in 2012, little Buttermilk, the Nigerian dwarf goat from Took A Leap Farm in Houlton, starred in a viral video hopping around and comically dropkicking her siblings. That video was shown on NBC’s “Today” show, among other places, and by now has been viewed more than 14.1 million times.

Buttermilk is even the star of a video game for mobile devices. Can we get Winifred and Monty into a game? Maybe trying on different styles and colors of pajamas?