I do, again: Maine tops the northeast in second marriages

The latest entry in the ubiquitous map craze came from Slate today, which posted one featuring the percentage of married people in each state who are on at least their second marriages.

So, simply put, where in the United States are people most likely to be on marriage No. 2 or No. 3 — or more?

(BDN file photo)

(BDN file photo)

Overall, Arkansas has the greatest percentage of married folks working on at least their second marriages — 35 percent of the married people there have been married at least once previously.

New Jersey is at the other end of the spectrum, with a rate of only 16 percent. Less than two out of every 10 married people in the Garden State have experienced previous marriages.

Maine has the distinction of having the greatest percentage of multiple marriages of all the northeastern states, with 28 percent of Maine married people having exes. To find a state with a higher percentage, you’d have to go as far as West Virginia, which edges Maine at 29 percent.

Of course, Maine famously is also America’s oldest state, with an average age of older than 40 years. That means Maine residents have had more time than residents of other states to have gone through relationships.

The divorce rate in Maine is also the second highest of all states.