Westbrook police use Star Wars meme to blast home their point on blizzard parking ban

westbrook meme

Perhaps no major cinematic sequence evokes thoughts of harsh winter conditions like the scenes from the snow planet of Hoth from “Star Wars Episode V: Empire Strikes Back.”

In the age of the Internet meme, the fleet of massive four-legged AT-AT vehicles used by the evil Empire forces in the Hoth battle has gotten a second life as spoof material for places prone to heavy snow — like Maine.

But kudos to the Westbook Police Department for giving the old AT-AT meme a public service announcement angle. On the department Facebook page Monday, before Maine is expected to get walloped by as much as two feet of snow, the police posted the above localized meme.

The parking ban in Westbrook goes from 7 a.m. Tuesday through 7 a.m. Wednesday, and this simple, humorous and savvy use of pop culture on social media will probably get the message out as effectively as any other method.

The post says those who defy the parking ban risk getting ticketed and towed. Or, I guess if the meme is to be believed, blasted.