We are Bangor, we are not Bang-er: video tunefully corrects mispronunciation

BangorME_DowntownAt last night’s annual Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce awards, held at 7 p.m. at the Cross Insurance Center on Wednesday night, Bangor marketing firm Sutherland & Weston put together a series of funny videos about awardees — and one hilarious opening video to kick off the ceremony, as they did last year.

This year, Ric Tyler and the video team at S&W topped themselves, with a community-wide spoof of “We Are The World,” correcting a common mistake out-of-towners make when saying the name of the Queen City. It’s Ban-GOR. Not Bang-ER. And if you mispronounce our name it causes anger.

It features cameos from the likes of Alex Gray and Chris Rudolph of Waterfront Concerts, Lucas Richman of the Bangor Symphony Orchestra, former State Sen. Emily Cain, Bangor economic development director Tanya Emery, Todd Simcox of WABI, Steve McKay of WLBZ, the Bangor PD and the Duck of Justice, and many others — as well as a cameo from everybody’s favorite Bangor-area newspaper journalists. The video has received several thousand views in less than 12 hours and is steadily climbing.

If you missed last year’s video, here’s another peek — also mentioning the Bangor Daily News (click skip sponsor message to go straight to the funny parts).


Emily Burnham

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