Pittsfield, Maine man’s mugshot-T-shirt-in-his-mugshot goes viral

File this under “Awkward Family Photos.”

Robert Burt of Pittsfield showed up to serve a two-day sentence at the Somerset County Jail recently wearing a novelty T-shirt that featured his mugshot from a previous arrest.

Robert Burt's now infamous mugshot.

Robert Burt’s now infamous mugshot.

The theme for the shirt? “Burt Family Reunion,” sponsored cheekily by Bud Light beer and the Somerset County Sheriff.

The Smoking Gun, which initially published Burt’s mugshot on Monday, called it “Heavy Meta.”  Burt, on his Facebook page, called it “Probably the best mug shot ever haha.”

Now, as a national sensation, with his photo appearing on the New York Daily News and many other websites and media outlets, Burt probably isn’t the only person laughing at him and his picture.

“This guy’s mugshot will crack you up,” wrote MTV’s appraisal. “And not just because of his mustache.