Video of stampeding baby goats in Cumberland gets more than a million views

You’ve heard of the Running of the Bulls in Spain?

Well, how about the Running of the Goats in Maine?

A 34-second video about a stampede of 44 adorable baby goats chasing kids out of a barn at Cumberland’s Sunflower Farm has gone viral on YouTube, racking up nearly 1.5 million views in just more than a week’s time.

Check it out for yourself here:

The owners of Sunflower Farm told our media partners at WGME, CBS 13, that they were surprised at how much attention the goat video has received, but are happy for the opportunity to show off their family farm. CBS 13 reports that the farm raises and sells the goats as pets, so viral video watchers can revel in the baby goat parade without any pang of guilt that the stars are destined to end up on dinner plates.

Even with nearly 1.5 million views, though, the Running of the Goats isn’t the top Maine Goat Video on YouTube. A 2012 video showing the playful dropkicking antics of Buttermilk, a mischievous Nigerian dwarf goat from Took A Leap Farm in Houlton, now has nearly 12.5 million views and has received air time on NBC’s “Today” show, among other programs.

Buttermilk ultimately even became the subject of a video game for mobile devices.

Remember Buttermilk? Move over cats. Make room for the latest viral genre: Maine goat videos.