Consider this, ‘Game of Thrones’ nerds: Maine = Westeros

IMG_20140404_100544It started as an office joke, as winter was coming: “If Maine were Westeros, then Bangor would soo be Winterfell.”

Which then, like all good inside jokes, really took legs of its own.

If Bangor is Winterfell, then clearly Canada is beyond the Wall. Which makes Presque Isle Castle Black, and Interstate 95 the kingsroad.

And which city, then, would be King’s Landing? Augusta is a clear contender as Maine’s seat of government, but Portland more definitively captures the sprawling grandeur. Portland is perhaps more suited to Highgarden, one of Westeros’ wealthier cities in which wine flows, paralleling Portland’s reputation as a foodie magnet.

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Some of the comparisons are pretty easy: The Twins as Lewiston-Auburn, for instance. Others don’t make a lot of sense, geographically, but fit with the cities’ character: Camden as Casterly Rock, with wealth and riches, and Vinalhaven and Isle au Haut as the Iron Islands, home of rugged seafarers.

And this is just in geography. With elections around the corner, there are a lot of contenders for the Iron Throne.

So what else is there?

UPDATE 10:43 a.m.: Guys, nobody wants to be Harrenhal. This is hard.

UPDATE 11 a.m.: I’ve heard compelling arguments against MDI as Tarth, so I’m striking it. MDI does better as Lannisport. Also, don’t get mad Canadians, but you’re either the White Walkers or wildlings. By geography, not disposition! One more to chew on: If Millinocket is Winterfell instead of Bangor, that means Bangor can be Riverrun, more suited to its history.

UPDATE 11:25 a.m.: Harrenhal is Fort Knox. It’s brilliant (and unoffensive).

UPDATE 11:25 a.m.: We’ve heard and accepted Carrabassett Valley as the Eyrie. Millinocket is a gateway to beautiful wilderness, but not in the same spirit. So that’s changed. UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: Does that make Farmington the Bloody Gate?

Here’s a list generated by staff and feedback, updated periodically. Comment, tweet #mewesteros or email if you have any additions.

Eastport: Eastwatch by the Sea
York Beach: Dorne (Freeport, perhaps?)
Mount Desert Island: Lannisport
Carrabassett Valley: The Eyrie