Don’t worry, Mainers: you’ll probably survive the zombie apocalypse

Estately, a national website for home buyers and sellers, did a little research to figure out a pressing concern among fans of “The Walking Dead” and other undead-centric pop culture offerings: which states in the U.S. would be most likely to survive the zombie apocalypse?

While Maine didn’t crack the top ten, it’s still squarely in the upper echelons of the 25 states that will likely survive an epidemic of zombies — number 17 out of 51, including the District of Columbia. Only New Hampshire beat Maine, out of all the New England states, though Maine was just barely ahead of Vermont. Massachusetts and Connecticut ranked 42nd and 46th, for those keeping track. Sorry, guys.

Courtesy of Estately

Courtesy of Estately

Estately ranked the chances of each state making it through a zombie outbreak on eleven elements. First, the numbers of military personnel and veterans living in the state; as their discipline and training will be invaluable when managing panicked masses and brain-eating zombies. How physically active the state population is and the rates of obesity; if you’re out of shape and obese, how will you outrun the hordes? How many are trained in martial arts and how many do triathlons — running, swimming and fighting will surely come in handy. Survival skills, naturally, were important, as weren’t generalized knowledge of zombies. Gun ownership, too, and those who are fond of paintball and laser tag surprisingly have skills to match the most fearsome undead adversary.

With Maine ranked number one on numbers of veterans living in state, number three for those with survival skills and number nine for those with general knowledge of zombies, we’re positioned well to take them on — though Alaska was the overall winner, with Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho and New Mexico rounding out the top five.

The states least likely to survive? Georgia, New York, DC, Mississippi and, in dead last (pun intended) New Jersey.

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