Sick of winter? Viralnova counts this Maine location as one that ‘will change your mind’

Viralnova first posted this back near the onset of winter — ostensibly to soften the blow of the upcoming cold — but it’s perhaps just as valuable now, after our latest snowstorm had pretty much everyone in the state posting things like “… not one more flake!” on Facebook and Twitter.

snow tweetViralnova, which is sort of akin to Upworthy as an unapologetic click bait factory you’ve undoubtedly seen on your social media feeds, posted its 23 places that “will change your mind” if you hate winter. Or, as its headline hedged, “maybe make you hate it a little less.”

(December 2009 BDN file photo by Brian Swartz)

(December 2009 BDN file photo by Brian Swartz)

Mixed in with picturesque photos of a snow-covered Spanish castle, the French Alps and crisp winter scenes mirrored on pristine glass-like lakes around the world, is our own little Cape Neddick Lighthouse — often colloquially called “Nubble Light.”

Some gee whiz facts about Nubble Light: It was built in 1874 with $15,000 of federal money, and although it’s just over 40 feet tall, the light towers nearly 90 feet above sea level because it stands atop an islet hill.

If intelligent alien life forms get hold of the Voyager spacecraft (currently soaring off into the outer reaches of known space) and see the pictures it’s carrying of mankind’s proudest creations, they’ll get a glimpse of Cape Neddick Lighthouse — along with stuff like the Great Wall of China and the Taj Mahal.

Nubble Light also was reportedly the spot for a pivotal scene in the 1949 film “Lost Boundaries,” a Cannes Film Festival award-winner which offered Hollywood Walk of Fame actor Mel Ferrer his first starring role.

In its post, Viralnova acknowledges that winter “makes the roads dangerous, the heating bills rise, and the time spent inside increase exponentially.”

But as its photo of Nubble Light and various other scenes around the globe show, the website says there’s “a lot of good, too. Well, at least one thing. It’s beautiful.”