And Maine’s next reality TV sensation is …

It looks like American Pickers, crossed with Antiques Roadshow, with a dash of Storage Wars and topped with a dollop of Cold River Cash.

Meet Down East Dickering.

The reality show, to be shown on History Channel, follows Mainers as they make their way through Uncle Henry’s in search of deals. They will buy or swap anything, “so they can enjoy life on their own terms.”

The show filmed around central and western Maine last year. One of the stars, apparently, is a noted “redneck” from Minot, Yummy Raubeson, who was spotted getting his tri-annual haircut in Portland last summer.

That was right around the same time Yummy officiated a marriage at that event in Hebron definitely not called the Redneck Olympics, where the cameras were also rolling.

Other cast members include Clint, Bruce, Nate, Mitch, Tony, Codfish, Turtle, Johnny Awesome and “Captain 2 Stroke.”

The dickering begins Wednesday, April 2, on The History Channel.