Do these videos show UFOs in the skies over Maine?

What appeared to be a flaming ball lit up not only the sky over Oxford County earlier this month, but social media as well. Click here to see that video, if you missed it.

That got us thinking: What else have Maine’s amateur videographers recorded soaring above the state in recent years? It turns out, there are a lot of videos on YouTube showing peculiar lights over the first state to get sun every morning (that’s a fancy way of saying “Maine,” for those of you unfamiliar with Cadillac Mountain).

File this under vacation week fun.

Take a look at the following videos and tell us what you think. Do any of these provide compelling evidence of alien activity over the Pine Tree State? They say folks do come a long way for Red’s Eats lobster rolls…

What are these things? Airplanes? Weather balloons? Lens dust?

(To the best of my ability, these are in descending order in terms of recency.)