Get ready to feel good about how hard Mainers are when it comes to snow

How many inches — wait, make that feet — of snow do you think it takes for most schools in Maine to cancel?

According to data compiled by Reddit user atrubetskoy, the Western half of the state takes two feet or more to cancel. The coastal parts — 12 inches. On average.



How do we compare to the rests of the country? You’d be surprised.

When it comes to the East Coast, you don’t have to venture much further south of Washington DC to see they’ll cancel school at any time, even for the threat of a snowstorm.

"How we prepare for 2 inches of snow in the South" (Credit)

“How we prepare for 2 inches of snow in the South” (Credit)

Though, to be fair (and the author of the chart points this out), canceling school for a snowstorm is more a function of how often and/or prepared an area is to deal with snow and not really how “hard” we Notherners and Midwesterners are.

So when we have another day that feels like this:

Just be glad it isn’t like this when you hit I-95: