No special effects here: Mainer shocks fans, Internet viewers by drift racing with work truck

drift racing

The 2006 Hollywood action blockbuster “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift” brought so-called “drift racing” — or more commonly, “drifting” — into the mainstream. But those stunt drivers were taking corners in suped-up, road-hugging racers. It’d be impossible to slide around corners almost horizontally like that in, say, an everyday work truck, right? Jeff Audet […]

Mainers aren’t buying the latest social media craze: Trying to summon demons through the Internet


More than 2 million people and counting have used the social media hashtag #charliecharliechallenge, referring to the Ouija-board-like game in which people try to contact demons and post their results on Twitter, Instagram or other platforms. For those who aren’t part of that crowd of 2 million, the “game” basically goes like this: The player separates […]

Did Kaci Hickox inspire the new ‘Walking Dead’ spin-off?

Nurse Kaci Hickox speaks with the media outside her home in Fort Kent, Maine last Halloween. (REUTERS PHOTO)

The story of the Maine nurse famous for fighting quarantine orders after treating Ebola victims in Africa might have played a hand in the new spin-off of the zombie apocalypse TV show “The Walking Dead.” The executive producer of “Fear The Walking Dead” — a yet-to-be-released prequel — said the new show focuses on how people deal […]