Maine TV: Which of these 10 fictional television towns would you want to call home?


Maine’s wild — in many cases, mysterious — landscape has provided fertile ground for imaginations for decades. So it’s perhaps no surprise that when television producers have wanted to locate fantastical or supernatural stories someplace on Earth, they’ve often turned to the Pine Tree State. Even when the subject matter isn’t science-fiction, Maine offers the […]

Snow, lobsters and oceanography clubs: Character in CBS drama “Scorpion” considers moving to Maine


In the CBS science-crime drama “Scorpion,” based loosely on the life of alleged computer whiz-turned-international crime solver Walter O’Brien, one of the characters is trying to decide whether to stay with O’Brien’s team of genius heroes in Los Angeles or move across country to Portland, Maine, where there’s a school for gifted children like her […]

DeLorme’s Eartha defines ‘cool’ in Maine

According to Yahoo Travel, DeLorme's Eartha is the coolest thing in Maine.

Every state has its must-sees. Those iconic structures or natural formations that define it in the eye of every tourist and traveler. Often it’s the firs thing that pops into your mind whenever that state’s name is mentioned. New York has its Statue of Liberty, Texas has the Alamo, Missouri the St. Louis Arch, South […]

The 10 most affordable places to live in Maine

for sale

The finance website has mapped out the country’s most affordable places to live, comparing home buying and home ownership costs — like average property tax bills, homeowners’ insurance and mortgage payments — against median income levels and deriving a composite “affordability index.” The index doesn’t, as far as I can tell, include other costs […]